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Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements

At Total Health, we take pride in providing our patients with personalized care custom-fit to each person’s unique condition, concerns, and lifestyle. The area of nutritional supplements is one that especially demands this kind of individualized attention (which you will not get by buying vitamins from a supermarket shelf), as patients’ needs can vary due to age, activity level, allergies, existing conditions, immune system, or injuries.

To uncover any possible vitamin deficiencies and determine the best supplements for you, we will conduct a thorough wellness exam, which may include applied kinesiology or muscle testing. We will also talk with you about your wellness goals. And once we have a satisfactory understanding, we will provide you with your unique combination of supplements from manufacturers that we trust in terms of standards, quality, and knowledge in nutritional science.

If you feel that you need more than what the mass-market vitamin supplement brands can offer, please contact us at Total Health for a consultation regarding your individualized care.

*Total Health offers Nutritional Supplements in Berkeley Heights.