Pain serves as an important purpose. It can function as a warning sign for you to take care of your injured body part. However, chronic pain can remain for weeks, months, or even years, causing mental distress. With never-ending pain and discomfort, it can be near impossible to live a normal, healthy life. Its effects are often intensified by psychological and social issues.

How Depression is linked to Chronic Pain

Depression is the most common emotion related to chronic pain. When you’re in constant physical pain, you also experience changes in your mental and social health. Day-to-day responsibilities become harder to accomplish and relationships with friends and family may become strained.  In some cases, depression may occur before the pain. This can start a vicious cycle. Pain leads to more depression, which leads to more chronic pain.

Treating Pain and Depression

Chronic pain can take an emotional toll on anyone. If your symptoms of chronic pain last 6 months after an injury, it may be time to be treated by one of our medical professionals. The first step in coping with chronic pain is to pinpoint the cause. Once we determine the cause, our educated practitioners will employ the most advanced technology to address and ease your pain. To have adequate support in your recovery, involve your family and friends. Stay as active as possible, and try to keep the pain from being your entire focus. Consider relaxation techniques to prevent negative emotion, thoughts, and behavior.

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