Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy

About Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy

Allergy testing and immunotherapy, together, can be utilized to minimize allergy-related symptoms. The process starts with allergy testing in which your physician will perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine the substances to which you are allergic.

The most common test used to make this determination is the skin scratch test. In this test, the doctor will prick your skin with different common allergens and gauge the level of reaction your skin has to the substance. This can help determine the severity of the allergy. Once the allergy is identified, you can then undergo immunotherapy. This treatment involves allergy shots that gradually expose the bloodstream to the allergen to help the body develop an immunity and reduce symptoms. If you do not wish to undergo immunotherapy, another allergy treatment option includes drops.

What to Expect

The first appointment will be largely diagnostic so that your doctor can determine what your allergens are and the severity of your reactions. If the allergens are completely unknown at the start of your first appointment, your doctor will start with the skin scratch test. Total Health tests for over 80 different kinds of antigens including grass, trees, cats and dogs. After your allergies are identified, your doctor will make a recommendation for a customized treatment plan specifically for you. The doctor will then have you back in for a series of sessions in which they will perform the immunotherapy treatment, which can be in the form of injections or drops under the tongue. The necessary treatment time varies for each patient based on their individual health condition.

Benefits and Risks

The benefit of allergy testing and immunotherapy is that you can finally determine the exact causes of your allergies and begin to see a drastic reduction in symptoms. There are very few risks to this treatment. On occasion, patients have experienced allergic reactions to these shots. Generally, patients are kept in the office for monitoring for up to 30 minutes after the initial immunotherapy sessions.

Our Difference

At Total Health and Peak Medical, we believe in customized and personalized treatment plans to maintain overall health. Treatment plans can include everything from nutritional planning and acupuncture to physical therapy and more. We are happy to offer allergy testing and immunotherapy as a part of a variety of wellness services that keep our patients happy and healthy.

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