Ankle Pain

About Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is a general term that refers to any uncomfortable sensation in the ankle. When patients experience ankle pain, it is most commonly the result of an injury to the bones, ligaments, joints or tendons. Whether mild or severe, ankle pain can quickly affect your daily life. To determine the most effective treatment options and create a comprehensive plan towards alleviating pain, it is important to consider the cause of your pain and your overall health.

Symptoms of Ankle Pain

Depending on the specific cause, you may experience mild or severe pain. In ankle-related injuries, you are likely to notice swelling and bruising shortly after the trauma, along with sharp pain. With other causes, such as tendonitis or arthritis, you may experience stiffness, chronic inflammation and dull, aching pain that comes and goes or is experienced consistently.

Diagnosing Ankle Pain

Aside from blatant ankle injuries, it may be difficult to determine the exact location and root cause of your pain. Your healthcare professional will evaluate your health history to determine if you are at risk for conditions such as arthritis, which may cause chronic pain. In this event, blood tests and other advanced screenings may be required. Your diagnosis will likely be made after a thorough physical evaluation and advanced imaging scans, including CT scans and MRI. This diagnosis will help to determine your ankle pain treatment plan.

Treatment Options for Ankle Pain


By inserting thin needles into strategic points in the body, this treatment option prompts the release of endorphins to provide pain relief.

Laser Therapy

A non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures, laser therapy is a powerful ankle pain treatment that stimulates healing by revitalizing the cells and reducing painful inflammation.

Physical Therapy

Highly skilled professionals work to develop an exercise and training program that is catered specifically to your injury. Through this treatment, full mobility can be restored to the affected ankle.

Our Difference

Total Health and Peak Medical use a variety of the most effective non-surgical treatment options to eliminate ankle pain. With customized care, we aim to meet the needs of each patient and to educate them on their condition to best promote healing and overall wellness.

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