About Applied Kinesiology

Applied kinesiology analyzes the connection between the central nervous system and your muscles to evaluate the overall strength and health of your body. Together with Applied Clinical Nutrition, it has become a widely used method for analyzing the nutritional, physical and structural needs of patients seeking safe, alternative solutions for their health problems.

Practitioners of kinesiology employ the manual muscle-testing method by applying force to a certain part of the patients’ bodies while they resist and the quality of the movement is evaluated. Based on the quality of the movement, it could indicate whether excessive energy is being redirected to a certain area to keep it functioning properly.

What to Expect

Applied Kinesiology is a procedure used by the modern practitioner to help him or her quickly and accurately determine the nutritional, physical and structural needs of the patient using the body’s own reflex points in order to determine what is needed to best help that patient correct the underlying causes of their health problems.

At your first session, you will be asked a series of questions to determine your physical and nutritional health history, get a sense of your current condition and find out what your goals are for therapy. The doctor will then employ the manual muscle testing method in which the body’s reflex points are used to determine where there is an excess of electrical energy. This will indicate which reflex points are weakened and allow the doctor to address those problems with the appropriate physical and structural treatments to strengthen them. No organ system or disease is diagnosed or treated in Applied Kinesiology, but the source of the problem is detected, which enables the practitioner to make recommendations aimed at correcting the source. This will usually include a mix of therapy, exercises, diet and nutritional supplements.

Benefits and Risks

Kinesiology therapy operates on the idea that a balanced body is a happy one; the goal is to get everything working together. Some of the potential benefits include reduced pain, less stress, improved physical performance, less fatigue, greater ability to focus and improved mental health. Due to the low impact of this therapy, there is very little risk, but in a few rare cases, the applied pressure could aggravate existing problems.

Our Difference

Total Health and Peak Medical rely on the idea that a comprehensive and customized approach to health is crucial to achieving overall wellness. Applied kinesiology is usually accompanied by additional treatments such as nutritional planning, acupuncture or physical therapy, all of which are offered in-house. Having several resources under one roof allows for greater collaboration between practitioners and more reliable results.


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