Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition in which excessive pressure is placed on the median nerve, located inside the wrist. As a result, pain is experienced in the hands, forearms or wrists. Carpal tunnel syndrome may be experienced as the result of an illness, pregnancy or after performing repetitive wrist motions. To relieve the pain and prevent extensive damage to the nerve, treatment is necessary. Each case is distinct and the prescribed plan of action will be influenced by the individual’s health and the extent of the injury.

Possible Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Those who have carpal tunnel syndrome often find that their pain worsens at night, although symptoms can occur at any time. Standard symptoms include persistent swelling in the hands and wrists, soreness in the forearms and elbows and numbness and pain or tingling in the hand. The thumb, index, long and ring fingers are generally most affected by these sensations, but pain and discomfort can also extend upwards to the neck and shoulder region in some instances.

Diagnosing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

To diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome, your healthcare professional will ask a series of questions regarding any previous injuries to the arms or wrists. They will also inquire about any existing health conditions and your typical daily routine. Some medical testing may be required, such as nerve testing, to confirm the case of the patient’s pain. All of these factors play a large role in making a diagnosis, although blood and nerve tests are required as well.

Treatment Options

Laser Therapy

This treatment option is gentle and noninvasive. A laser penetrates the deep layers of the skin to reduce inflammation and stimulate healing through rejuvenation of the cells.


Popular in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), this technique prompts the body to produce natural pain-relief hormones, known as endorphins. The practice aids in relaxing and restoring the natural balance of the body to promote healing.

Physical Therapy

This option focuses on treatment, as well as prevention of subsequent episodes of the condition. Exercises and regimens designed specifically to target the wrists, fingers, elbows and forearms increase the functionality of the hand and decrease the amount of pain experienced.

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