Hip Pain

About Hip Pain

Hip pain refers to any pain or discomfort that occurs on the inside or the outside of the hip. Pain on the inside of the hip, towards the groin area, is likely the result of a problem with the hip joint. When pain occurs on the outside of the hip, muscle, ligament or other soft tissue, an injury is likely the cause. Hip pain may consist of aches, shooting pains, stiffness or a burning sensation that ranges from mild to severe. The underlying cause, whether trauma, injury or disease, or a natural part of the aging process, is perhaps the most significant consideration when designing a treatment plan for hip pain relief, although other health factors will be evaluated.

Symptoms of Hip Pain

The symptoms of hip pain will likely vary on a case-by-case basis, but many symptoms are common regardless of the cause. Most frequently, those with hip pain experience sharp or shooting pains that begin at the hip but may radiate to the groin, legs or buttocks. Other symptoms may include swelling, difficulty walking or remaining properly balanced.

Diagnosing Hip Pain

One of the most beneficial measures in diagnosing hip pain is to consider your medical history. Your healthcare professional will use this information to first uncover any related conditions that may be causing your pain. If your hip pain is the result of trauma or an injury, you will be asked to describe the circumstances in which your injury occurred. It is likely that several advanced imaging tools, including X-rays, MRIs and CAT scans, will be used to visualize any injuries or structural abnormalities in the hip.

Treatment Options for Hip Pain

Physical Therapy

This technique involves a series of exercises and physical training that concentrate on each affected area to build strength and restore the full range of motion to the hip.


Used for pain relief and to reestablish a healthy flow of energy throughout the body, acupuncture provides hip pain relief and promotes healing.

Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

This treatment enables penetration of the deepest layers of the skin to regenerate damaged cells and minimize inflammation.

Injection Therapy

This treatment option is generally complementary to other treatment options to provide maximum pain relief. It involves receiving a small injection of natural anti-inflammatory to  alleviate pain.

Chiropractic Care

Realigning the spine and neck is helpful in manipulating the discs in the back to return to their intended locations. This method reduces inflammation and starts the healing process.

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