National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month

The National Headache Foundation has designated the month of June as National Migraine and Headache Awareness month to build awareness, educate the public, and reduce the stigma often associated with migraines and other headache disorders.

Rule Your Headache

Migraines affect nearly 36 million Americans alone, making it among the top 10 causes of disability. As part of this year’s theme, “Rule Your Headache,” the NHF encourages headaches sufferers to be actively engaged in the treatment and management of their headaches. Their mission is “to cure headaches, and end its pain and suffering.” Unfortunately, the complex neurological disorder can negatively impact work life, family and friend relationships, and school. The invisible disease can often times not be taken seriously. However, by working together, we can raise awareness of this disorder through support, education, and research.

Headache & Migraine Treatment

If you find yourself debilitated by headaches, our doctors are here to help. Total Health Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation can help you manage, relieve, and even eliminate your headaches and migraines. Our multidisciplinary and comprehensive team is prepared to tackle many of the different types of headaches through chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, and nutritionist treatments. Our experienced doctors have helped many live pain-free and return to a happier, healthier, and more productive life.