Pain is a signal from your body to let you know that something is wrong. It can appear suddenly or build slowly over time and range from mild to severe. Chronic pain is the number one reason people go to the doctor. In fact, pain impacts more Americans than several major illnesses, including diabetes, cancer, and heart disease combined. This type of pain is defined as pain that lasts 6 months or longer. It can be frustrating and draining, interrupting our daily lives, including work, play, and even relationships.

How to Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic pain should be managed to help patients feel more empowered to be able to control their own pain. Our multidisciplinary team has helped thousands of patients relieve severe, chronic pain without surgery or drugs. Our integrated medical approach to healing has allowed us to develop and implement treatments for the most stubborn chronic pain conditions. Using certain coping strategies may be used in tandem with our specialized treatment plans that include physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and deep tissue laser therapy. Our coping strategies we recommend include:

  • Stay Active

Keeping your muscles strong will help prevent future injury. Start with slow and easy exercise routines and gradually increase the difficulty. Additionally, yoga can be a great way to ease pain through stretching.

  • Limit Certain Foods

Inflammation is a common cause of pain, and certain chemicals in foods my intensify it. This may include processed foods, alcohol, and soda.

  • Proper Posture

Maintaining proper posture can help fight pain. Keep your head and spine straight to prevent further strain.

By incorporating coping strategies into your pain management plan, you can return to an easier lifestyle. At Total Health and Wellness, we use the most advanced technologies available to safely and effectively return patients to optimum health.  Our caring and nurturing environment helps the process of healing and regaining health. Schedule your free, no obligation consultation today to begin your pain free life.

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