Neck Pain

About Neck Pain

Any pain or discomfort that occurs in the neck or shoulders is referred to as neck pain. This pain may be associated with the muscles, nerves, vertebrae or the discs situated between the bones in the neck. Most commonly, neck pain is the result of an injury, but there are degenerative and chronic conditions that may also contribute to pain in this region. The pain may be constant or fleeting and sufferers may experience everything from mild stiffness to crippling sharp pains. Neck pain treatment is effective in relieving pain in both circumstances. The optimum treatment and healing regimens can only be discerned after assessing many complex components, including factors such as the patient’s medical background, the degree of pain and the cause itself.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

While there are many conditions that cause or contribute to neck pain, the symptoms sufferers experience will vary based on the source of pain. The most typical symptoms include general soreness, burning, tingling and stiffness in the neck and surrounding areas. There may be pain associated with minor motions, such as turning the head. In severe cases, this pain may inhibit an individual’s ability to swallow or talk properly. Muscle spasms and headaches are common with the condition.

Diagnosing Neck Pain

If you are enduring ongoing neck pain, it is vital to seek professional care. Your pain may be related to injury, although it could also be an indication of a more complex matter such as a degenerative disease. By seeking neck pain treatment in a timely manner, you may be preventing further damage to your neck. Your health care professional will begin by asking a series of questions regarding your pain. Afterward, they will examine your neck, review your medical history and perform advanced imaging diagnostic tests to reach a conclusive diagnosis.

Treatment Options

At Total Health & Peak Medical, comprehensive treatment plans are customized using the following effective treatment options.

Chiropractic Care

Neck pain treatment through chiropractic care involves manual spinal manipulation and neck adjustments to realign the vertebrae. This method reduces pain and prompts the body to begin the healing process.

Physical Therapy

This treatment option is a non-invasive approach to healing that utilizes carefully planned exercises to recover the original range of flexibility of the neck.

Spinal Decompression DRX9000C

The DRX9000C Spinal Decompression System is a gentle, non-surgical procedure that diminishes pain and tension in the neck by coercing the spine into a different position as it is stretched.


This approach, involving the insertion of thin needles into the body, has been practiced for thousands of years as a means of pain relief and as a gateway to restore the natural balance and sense of harmony within the body.

Our Difference

Neck pain treatment is one of the many services provided by Total Health and Peak Medical. We concentrate on every aspect of your health care to not only eliminate your pain but to educate you on your conditions and improve your overall health and wellness.

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