Physical Therapy

About Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a service that helps develop, enhance and restore a person’s natural ability to move. Many people visit physical therapists after an injury has occurred to help reduce pain and return to a normal level of mobility. This is achieved through a variety of different techniques, including targeted exercises and other modalities such as muscle stimulation and ultrasound. The goals are to restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities and to enhance overall fitness.

What to Expect During Physical Therapy

The first visit to our clinic will usually involve a series of questions to gather a full picture of your health history. The physical therapist will also ask about the levels of pain currently being experienced and how it inhibits your day-to-day movements. They may perform a series of orthopedic tests to the body to try to evaluate the root of the problem. Each session after that will include exercises to help strengthen the injured area as well as manual deep tissue techniques to return the patient to full functionality.

Sessions might also include the use of muscle stimulation, which uses electrodes on the injured area to help relieve pain by encouraging the release of endorphins and other pain relievers. Cryotherapy or ice pack therapy might also be used to reduce swelling by slowing the flow of fluid to the affected area which causes inflammation and pain.

Benefits and Risks of Physical Therapy

The benefit of seeing a physical therapist is that they understand the functionality of the body and can help you recover from an injury in a proper way. This can also prevent further injuries by strengthening the body and providing a solid base on which to build. While there are very few risks to physical therapy, it is important to remember that it takes time to see desired results.

Our Difference

Total Health and Peak Medical are two of New Jersey’s finest full-service healthcare clinics with a wide variety of treatment options to help with your physical rehabilitation. Physical therapy is one of the core methods that can help patients recover and reduce pain. Our physical therapy services are often also paired with other treatment options, such as applied kinesiology, acupuncture or nutritional planning, to build a comprehensive treatment plan just for you.

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