PRP Cosmetic

About Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a new treatment that involves creating a solution of plasma, taken from the patient, that is highly concentrated in platelets. Platelets are mostly known for their ability to help clot blood and stop bleeding, but they are also quite high in proteins called growth factors. Due to these proteins, PRP can heal injuries and reduce pain, as well as smooth wrinkles, get rid of scars, reverse sun damage and lighten dark circles under the eyes.  PRP is prepared by extracting blood from the patient, separating the platelets from the sample and increasing the concentration through a process called centrifugation.

What to Expect During PRP Treatments

PRP treatments can take several hours. Since your own blood is used to create the concentrated formula, you’ll have blood drawn and wait while the medical staff performs the procedure to increase the level of platelets in the sample. The plasma will then be carefully injected into the affected area. Depending on the desired effect and the size of the area being treated, a local anesthetic may be used during the procedure. Patients may experience an increase in pain for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before they see the effects of the treatment.

Benefits and Risks of PRP Therapy

PRP therapy can be a very effective way to attain the aesthetics you want without the risks of surgery, general anesthesia or the need to stay in a hospital. It uses the body’s natural capabilities in an enhanced way to remove scars, sun spots, dark circles and more. Many people experience great benefits from the treatment with only one injection, while others might need a few injections to achieve the desired results. You generally start to see results within a few weeks and many people have had remarkable tissue growth from the procedure. The risks are quite minimal, though some people do report increased pain for a few weeks after the injection.

Our Difference

Total Health and Peak Medical are dedicated to providing comprehensive and customized health care. Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment can be very effective in helping you improve the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and more. Our approach is holistic, based around the idea of improving overall wellness.

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