Our Results Speak for Themselves

Before coming to Peak Medical I would have back pain that would wake me up in the middle of the night. Standing or sitting in one position for too long and working out would aggravate my back even more. Peak Medical helped get rid of my back pain. Since coming here I have less tension and pain in my back and now I am able to continue on with the activities I enjoy.

The staff at Peak Medical is great. They are very welcoming. The doctors give you individualized attention and care. They are extremely good at what they do and make sure that your visit is an enjoyable and productive one. I would recommend Peak Medical to others in pain.

Jessica Marantz – Teacher

I suffered from agonizing back pain that could not be relieved by painkillers. Even the ER could not isolate the source of the problem. After six months of suffering, a colleague advised me to see an orthopedic doctor at Total Health where my pain was identified as posture related and physical therapy was immediately initiated.

My first observation was that Total Health professionals were results oriented. Positive patient outcome is their goal. The atmosphere, from the waiting room to the treatment area, is friendly.  Each person is assigned to a therapist who makes every effort to get to the root of the problem and administer appropriate treatment.   Doctors and physical therapists worked with patients in individual rooms as well as providing exercise therapy in the open area. No patient is left behind. No problem seemed too difficult to handle. From ruptured shoulders, knee and neck injuries to migraine, vertigo or acupuncture.

Every staff member was highly proficient.  My assigned therapist, Roselyn Mendez, was equally impressive. Roselyn understood my symptoms and carefully followed my progress. She advised me on the activities that might be contributing to my pain, clarifying the finer points of how to get the most from the therapy and even provided me a list of home exercises. And she listened as much as she instructed. If there is pain, Roselyn will find the source. It did not take long to see results. Within a few sessions, my back pain subsided, I began to feel happy again and within a month, I was able to resume my activities at my local gym. I am back at the job, pain-free, and enjoying life to its fullest!

Thumbs up.  This facility definitely deserves a 5-star rating and, without hesitation, would recommend it!

Jack Jagnandan – Florham Park Resident and Director of Merck Pharmaceuticals

I started going to Total Health for a basketball injury on my left shoulder because a teammate of mine went there. I worked with Andrew and Dan. In addition to helping my shoulder problem, they strengthened me for my upcoming season and taught me a lot about injury prevention. I still do the stretches and exercises they taught me before my games and practices. I’d really recommend any athlete who has an injury to check out Total Health’s sports center.

Derek Nelson – College Student, Pequannock, NJ

Due to many sports-related injuries, I have experience with various physical therapy establishments. Fourteen months ago I received Tommy John surgery on my left elbow. Thanks to the wonderful people at Total Health, my elbow is feeling brand new! They have by far the most organized, energetic, and experienced staff out there!

Ron Sessa – Student, Chester, NJ

My lower back has always bothered me, especially after playing sports or working out. A friend of mine insisted I see the doctors at Total Health…I’m so thankful she did! Not only do I feel great but I was really impressed with the kindness of every staff member. I still rely on the doctors and therapists at Total Health if I get any flare ups.

Heather Russo – Madison, NJ

I met Dr. Dorn almost two years ago. My friends convinced me to him after years of sickness due to a weak immune system. My regular doctors had concluded that a low white blood cell count was my normal, l and that there was nothing to be done about it. Kinesiology sounded a bit out there for me, but I had nothing to lose. The very first time Dr. Dorn saw me he noticecd my weak immune system immediately, and tested to see if it could be treated and improved. He found out it could, and started a natural treatment which turned out to be surprisingly effective. I used to get sick for long periods of time all the time, and since then I haven’t at all.

The most surprising experience with Dr. Dorn was just recently, when my stomach started to bother me with serious pain and nausea. Because of the intensity of the symptoms, I went to my regular doctor, who sent me to a gastroenterologist, who after many expensive tests couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I saw Dr. Dorn then, and he immediately diagnosed me with a protozoan parasite. I started treatment, but just in case went to see a very expensive infectious disease expert in NYC, who after testing me concluded that I have the same parasite Dr. Dorn found. I know that from now on, if I have any medical issues, Dr. Dorn will be my very first choice. He’s a true healer.

Jorge Larrea

I was in pain that caused me not to want to do much. I had stopped exercising, even taking a walk was a chore. The worst part was trying to crouch down to get something and then not being able to get back up.

All the doctors and staff at Peak Medical are AWESOME! The atmosphere is friendly and warm. Everyone is kind to all the patients and truly caring of each person’s condition. I can also see that the staff enjoys working here and that it’s a pleasant place to be. This place is absolutely the best and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Theresa Messineo – Teacher

Before I came to Total Health, I had suffered from severe low back pain for over ten years. I had visited many different doctors over the years and tried many different modalities, but none were able to help with my back pain. I was about to give up on finding relief when I heard about Total Health Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center. The friendly, knowledgeable staff of doctors and therapists were able to diagnose my problem with pinpoint accuracy and, after three or four therapy sessions, my back pain was gone completely without the need for drugs or surgery. They got rid of the pain other doctors and therapists told me I “would just have to live with.” I would absolutely recommend Total Health to anyone with pain or physical limitations. They treat all types of pain and have fully-equipped physical therapy as well as pain management suites.

Victor Shi – M.D. Short Hills, NJ

I was in constant pain before coming to Total Health. The wonderful, caring doctors at Total Health got rid of my pain and now I am able to do things that I couldn’t do for years.

Judith A. Marcussen – Account Reconciliation Manager

I have had lower back pain for the past twenty years. Some days it was so debilitating I couldn’t stand. I avoided many activities that I enjoyed because of my back pain. After starting care at Total Health I noticed the nagging pain and discomfort had gone! I could once again enjoy activities that I thought I would have to give up forever. The doctors are both knowledgeable and personable. I always felt that they talked to me, not at me, when discussing my treatment. The physical therapists are caring and obviously know their stuff. They also know how to help you help yourself by educating you on home care and how to avoid a recurring injury. All the staff members there were both friendly and helpful. I would recommend Total Health Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center to anyone with pain or physical limitations.

Richard Buchanan – Technology Executive, Fanwood, NJ

When I first came to Total Health, my pain was sharp and at times extreme. I suffered from sleepless nights and participated in no activity at all. It affected everything I did. I was discouraged and frustrated. My experience at Total Health was tremendous. I was not only treated for my pain but was also educated along the way. I now understand why I was in pain and how to prevent it in the future. It was a great experience. It was very obvious on my first visit to Total Health that the doctors and staff really care about their patients and each other. After several visits, I realized that the patients even become friendly amongst themselves because of the caring and warmth of the environment. I have recommended Total Health and will continue to do so in the future.

Michael Connell – Sales and Marketing

Before coming to Total Health, I was suffering from pretty severe low back pain. I had seen a surgeon who recommended surgery but really wanted a second opinion. It was hard for me to sit or stand for extended periods of time. From the moment I walked in the door, the doctors and staff treated me like family. I felt welcome, well cared for and looked after. I have and will continue to recommend others to Total Health. The doctors and staff were completely knowledgeable and friendly. They accurately diagnosed my problem and recommended disc decompression therapy. I have been pain-free and have felt wonderful ever since.

Ilsa McGuire – Teacher, Upper Montclair, NJ

Before coming to Total Health Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center, I was in pain. I suffered from extreme tightness and soreness in my neck and shoulders as well as pain in my elbows. It was very difficult to perform the duties and tasks required at my job. Total Health helped me tremendously. After a comprehensive evaluation, they recommended an MUA based on my condition. The MUA helped tremendously. After the MUA my range of motion improved 100%. The staff, doctors and therapists have been very polite, helpful and professional. I would absolutely recommend Total Health and the MUA treatment to anyone with pain or physical limitations.

Ted Ujfalussy – Drywall Finisher

I was in a lot of pain most of the time. The pain in my shoulder limited my everyday activities and caused many sleepless nights. The pain in my neck and back would bring me to tears. Peak Medical gave me the correct diagnosis and treatment for my conditions. I can now move my shoulder to almost any degree and I can finally sleep through the night.

I am very impressed by the friendliness and great knowledge by the doctors and staff at Peak Medical. I have learned a lot about my conditions and whenever I walk into their office, I feel I am among friends. I most certainly would recommend Peak Medical to anyone in pain. They have helped to give me a part of my life back and I am grateful.

Debbie Jacko – Medical Receptionist

Total Health is an extraordinary team of professionals whose concern for me as a person, not just another medical record, goes a long way in the healing process. I am pain-free now thanks to the caring doctors at their facility.

Ann W. – CPA, Morristown, NJ

Prior to coming to Peak Medical, my pain prevented me from performing activities at home and limited my ability to swim. After several sessions, I felt much better and was able to resume activities that had been limited.

Jean-Louis S. – Physician

I thought I had carpal tunnel and Total Health cured my pain in a month without surgery!

Mary Anne Wallenjack – Medical Transcriptionist

I came to Total Health because everyday at work was filled with little aches and pains. These eventually added up to a total loss of concentration. The staff at Total Health taught me exercises and posture changes that were designed to relieve pain specifically for me. Simply put, I have no more pain. The doctors and therapists are great. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and are always willing to answer questions. I would definitely recommend Total Health to anyone with pain or physical limitations.

Ethan Sincoff – Procurement Manager, Jersey City, NJ

Before coming to Peak Medical I had significant lower back pain. It affected my ability to sleep and walk. Peak medical was able to address my lower back pain as well as other pains that came along during the past year. My back has been PAIN-FREE for many months since coming to Peak Medical.

The doctors and staff are wonderful. They are always friendly and very knowledgeable and that really makes me feel great. I would absolutely recommend Peak Medical to address any type of pain. I have been so pleased, my entire family has been to see the doctors at Peak Medical.

Doug Carroll – Product Management

When I came home after a long spring of bad eating, Andrew helped me get back into shape. I lost 23 pounds and 7% of my body fat. It is hard work, but a truly enjoyable experience and very worth it. Because of the training with Andrew, I am ready for my fall baseball season. 

Mike Sgaramella

I recommend this practice! It’s one of the few medical offices that truly cares for patients and any concerns they have! I know they will take the same care to others that they have given me.

Kamilla Dening -New Providence,NJ

I have been a patient of Dr. Dorn’s for over ten years, and the center’s for over 30 years. I have been successfully treated for various injuries, pains, and ailments over those ten years. He has always provided professional and attentive care. I came to see Dr. Dorn in August for an issue that had been causing me trouble for over a month. Dr. Dorn had me feeling 75% better within two weeks, and 90% better in less than a month.

Jennifer Glaser

“My journey to Total Health exceeded my expectations. I was first examined by head Doctor, Dr. Tyminski. He took X-rays and showed me how arthritis was beginning to build in my knees and he said I quote “You came to the right place on time and we can fix this without needing knee replacement therapy.” The staff at Total Health set to work to do just that. I have been working and traveling in 90-95% pain-free knees ever since.”

Ms. Lynn Morton-Randall – Retired Educator

“Not only did [Peak Medical] explain what they were doing but why I was feeling pain/tightness and encouraged me to keep up exercises on my “off” days. Everyone is so nice – after my first visit, it felt like everyone knew my name and was invested in my recovery.”

Grace Samoil Reynolds – Whitehouse Station, NJ