About SphenoCath

SphenoCath is a relatively new piece of technology designed to help those suffering from chronic headaches or migraines for whom other types of treatment or pain medication have stopped working. The SphenoCath is an SPG (sphenopalatine ganglion) block. The SPG block applies a local anesthetic to a collection of nerve cells just behind the nose, which sends pain signals to the brain. By applying an anesthetic in this way, it can block those pain signals, providing pain relief from a variety of different kinds of pain. The SphenoCath is a great option for those patients that have tried a variety of other treatments and are still suffering from chronic, debilitating pain.

What to Expect

While the SPG blocker technology has been around for awhile, not many doctors offer it as an option because previously the procedure has been quite intensive and come with quite a few risks. With this new SphenoCath device, there is a much lower risk in the application process.

The device is a small, flexible, spaghetti-sized catheter that is inserted through the nasal cavity. The procedure usually takes 2-3 minutes and then it is recommended that patients remain in a reclined or flat position for 10-15 minutes for optimal results. Patients usually experience pain relief almost immediately. While some patients do note some mild discomfort during the insertion, a local anesthetic will be applied to minimize any pain or discomfort.

Benefits and Risks

The benefits of the SphenoCath can be incredible. Many people who have been suffering from constant debilitating pain note an extreme reduction or even elimination of their chronic headaches. While inserting SPG blockers used to come with a lot of risks, with the invention of the SphenoCath, there are now very few risks.

Some patients have noted some irritation in the nasal cavity, mucus, bleeding and/or mild pain. The medication used in the SphenoCath is chosen by your doctor so any sensitivities or allergies can be taken into account, and the medicine is absorbed right through the lining of the nose, so no needles are needed to insert the device.

Our Difference

Total Health and Peak Medical are comprehensive health and wellness centers that are dedicated to alleviating pain in all its forms. We offer a wide variety of different treatments to address your chronic pain and are excited to offer the SphenoCath as an additional service to our patients. While this can be a stand-alone treatment for addressing debilitating headaches, you can supplement this treatment with other wellness services, such as acupuncture or chiropractic services, to further address your source of pain.

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