Suffering from an injury, whether it’s due to sports, exercise, or age, can be a struggle, both mentally and physically. It can be difficult to determine when you’re ready to get back to physical activities. In order for your body to properly recover, it’s essential to get adequate rest. You may ask yourself how much rest is the correct amount and if it’s necessary to rest your entire body or merely the injured area. Although there are several things to consider during the healing process, rest and recovery should always be taken seriously.

Exercising after Injury

Many patients tend to feel anxious to start exercising and moving again during their rest and recover period.  Failing to rest properly after an injury can lead to additional health problems. Your main concern should be healing before restoring your fitness. Although taking a break can be frustrating, resting doesn’t have to mean no exercise at all. At Total Health, we can help you determine the best course of action regarding your exercise routine. We’ll provide you with the proper knowledge on avoiding certain stretches and exercises that can cause pain or tension to the injured area. Our personalized treatment programs help you move into the swing of things and allow you to resume your normal activities.

How we Repair the Body

Multiple systems within our body need to properly recover, including structural, hormonal, and neurological repairs. At Total Health, we focus on assisting patients in their recovery process after an injury through our multi-disciplinary approach. Our group of highly skilled professionals offers specialized treatments and therapies designed to reduce or eliminate pain as well as increase mobility and function.

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